Friday, April 2, 2010

Lithuania From A Bird’s Eye View

The Republic of Lithuania is a beautiful country in Northern Europe.It is located at the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It covers 65,3 thousand square kilometres and has population of 3.435 million, of which 83,5 percent are Lithuanians, 6,7 percent Poles, 6,3 percent Russians, and 1 percent other ethnic minorities. Vilnius is Lithuania's capital with the population totalling over 550 thousand. Other large cities are Kaunas, seaport Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys. There are over 100 cities in Lithuania, 30 of which are older than 750 years. Cultural life of Lithuania is very intensive and versatile. Creation of its masters of fine artsis original and full of fantasy. Lithuania is especially interesting country: mounds and ancient castles, hundred-year-old estates and parks and other objects of the cultural heritage spread all over the country; the unique variety of nature, ranging from ancient woods and marshes to sand plains almost untrodden by a human being,all this is a unique prospect for entertainment, enriching you not only with new experience but also with knowledge. Without seeing it first, it is truly hard to believe how beautiful and full of astonishing surprises Lithuania is.

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