Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creative Photography By Andric Ljubodrag

Brands have a number of weapons in their arsenal for making powerful emotional connections with their customers. Starting from a differentiated brand proposition, brands can leverage a unique brand voice, their brand personality, a well designed brand identity, unique brand visual language, brand experiences, brand gestures and rituals. But for nearly 100 years, the leading brands have leveraged the art of stunning photography to help them tell their brand stories and make a lasting impression. Brand photography has risen to the challenge it seems as each year the quality of photography becomes more and more breathtaking. Over the weekend I cam across these jaw-dropping pics from photographer Andric Ljubodrag and they were just too beautiful to keep to myself. Self-taught Ljubodrag Andric born in Belgrade Yugoslavia, landed his first paid job as a photographer at age 21. He has since never turned back.

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