Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Voices Behind The Animated Characters

By now you know which one of your favorite actors and actresses voiced what characters in animated movies but have you ever noticed the uncanny resemblance between the actors and their cartoon characters? The physical resemblances between the real actors and the cartoons they dub is unbelievable and a bit freaky.

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Ron J said...

Why is it so freaky? It's pretty common practice in the industry now to film the voice acting sessions, then use the mannerisms of the actors while they do their recordings to inspire the animated characters. So really, it's the cartoons that look like the actors, not the other way around, and they did that on purpose..

Matt Fitzgerald said...

John Goodman wasn't MAC.

Anonymous said...

neither was Michael Keaton. He was Chick. John Ratzenburger was Mac and a character in almost every Dreamworks picture.