Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Modern Ghost Town Looks Like

In general, ghost towns are normally old towns and cities that were emptied because of natural or human-caused disasters or failed economic activity. But how come that a new-brand city became a ghost town? You’ll see it after the jump. We’ll talk about Ordos, a wealthy coal-mining town in Inner Mongolia. One of its districts, Kangbashi is known as a modern ghost town. Kangbashi was designed to have more than 1 million people but remains absolutely empty after the project was launched in 2004. In six years, the authority has spent about $2,6 billion to transform the area into a postmodern metropolis with government towers, skyscrapers, museums, libraries, theaters, sculpture squares and luxury dwellings. Despite the fact that almost all of the infrastructure is finished, the lack of schools, hospitals, taxis, high-speed internet, cable TV and entertainment facilities discouraged people to join Kangbashi. If you go there now, you’ll have more chances to meet street cleaners than pedestrians there.

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