Monday, January 10, 2011

Creative Street Advertisements

Apparently, some companies have decided to take their advertising campaigns to the street. It does make some sort of sense because a person might miss an advertisement while watching television. There is no way they will miss these advertisements.

Durex Ads

Amnesty International

Bin Your Butts


Water Is Life

McDonald’s: McFries Pedestrian Crossing

FedEx: Kinko

Aseema: Make Every Child Count

Symphony Crossing

ACA-M: Zebra Crossing Memorial

South Africa Tourism: Zebra

3D Ads By Julian Beever

Altschul Orthodontics: Crosswalk

Bubbles Hair Salon

Shopping Curitiba: Barcode

Vijay Sales

Maximum Ride: The Kids Who Could Fly

Mr. Clean

Canon Powershot S1 Street Ad

Folgers Coffee: Manhole

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KamPrePot said...

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