Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Dogs' Stories

Today we share stories about dogs that had a happy ending.

Homeless Barklaj

Barklaj found a new home

Benya from a dog shelter

Benya at a new home

Brand was left alone at home, tied to a radiator. He drank and ate his own excrements

Brand a week after he found a new home

Bu-bu-bu was found on the street

Bu-bu-bu at a new home

Injured puppy without a tale

Puppy’s new life

Homeless puppy with severe demodex

Cured, puppy found a new home

Julie was hit by a car. A bullet was also found in her leg

Julie was cured. She found a new home

Yeva was hit by a car

Yeva in a new family

Zlata in a dog shelter

Zlata found new family in Israel

Homeless Spaniel Lisa

These mats were cut out of Lisa’s hair

Lisa’s new looks

Homeless Martha

Martha found a new home

Mega was left to be euthanized

Mega found a new home

Michick from the street

Mats are being cut out of the dog’s hair

Michick found a new home

Homeless Miatka

Miatka found a new home

This dog was found with a fractured tibia and plague

Cured and at a new home

Homeless Natasha

Natasha found her new home in Finland

Homeless Nemik

Nemik at a new home

This dog was left in a shed on a leash

He found a new home

Rick in a dog shelter

Rick’s new life

Another dog found in a shelter

Dog’s new life

Homeless Ray

Ray at a new home

Homeless sick Taison

After the spinal cord surgery

Taison at a new home

Tigrusha had a stroke

She found a new home

A sick puppy found on the street

Cured and happy at a new home

Homeless Umka had an eye infection

Umka was cured and found a new home

Homeless Fenya

Fenya found a new home

Dog named Tail was found on the cold street with demodicosis

Tail found a new home

Homeless Yurai

Yurai (at the right) at a new home

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Tony Redgrave said...

Thank you for compiling these stories in your blog - it's so heartwarming! It makes me want to adopt a homeless dog! This is how animal-rights groups should motivate people to take care of dogs, not by scaring them with awful pictures of them dying. It's like adding insult to injury.