Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jade Mountain Resort overlooks St. Lucia’s Piton World Heritage Site and the Caribbean Sea and features infinity pools with every room. The bold architectural design with individual bridges leading to the extraordinary infinity pool suites and columns reaching towards the sky makes JADE MOUNTAIN one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort experiences. What Jade Mountain offers is peace, quiet, and privacy, all in a stunning natural setting.This is NOT a place to go to meet other people — you’ll likely spend a good deal of time in your suite. There’s no need to leave it to go swimming (you have your own pool) or to enjoy the views (they’re stunning from the suite). Enjoy the exclusivity and private setting of JADE MOUNTAIN with all of ANSE CHASTANET’s spa, leisure and sports facilities as well as 2 beaches which are available to JADE MOUNTAIN guests at all times.

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