Monday, November 16, 2009

Luke Skywalker On A Tauntaun Costume

Halloween is long gone, but this Star Wars Tauntaun costume deserves to be spoken about, cherished, and hailed as a great Geek creation! Star Wars fans have always dressed up in robes and adorned face paint to look like Jedi’s and Sith but this wasn’t enough for Scott Holden, for he wanted to go over the top and make himself an action Tauntaun costume. For those who do not know what Tauntauns are, here is some Star Wars 101. Tauntauns are beasts of burden and transport on the planet Hoth in the world of Star Wars. They featured in Empire Strikes Back as the mode of transport for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Now back to the costume: Scott made this amazing costume from scratch. Using designs made in Solidworks, he started to outline the Tauntaun. The head mold was detailed using clay, then a mold was made , then it was cast, and on and on. The horns were made in almost the same manner. Tedious process some say, I say it was passion for what he was doing. Never thought an animal would have a chassis did you? Well this beast does! The component made completely from scratch and the best bit of this costume? The costume walks and is not a static display. Scott had to fabricate his own stilts to make this beast complete. Details were the last of Scott’s worries. Nailing them flawlessly, his buddy marched the Tauntaun into Zone Ball where it was noticed by everyone and won the Best Costume prize. This majestic beast walked in with pride, won the prize and walked out without a second look. But it sure as hell got all the looks.

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