Monday, November 23, 2009

Stone Forest in Madagascar

From the depths of the densest forest, of the world’s fourth largest island arises one of the most spectacular limestone landscapes I have ever seen. Like a lost city strecthed out to infinity . The ‘beauty and mystery’ of Madagascar’s Bemaraha National Park, aptly named the “stone forest” is truly amazing where you’ll discover some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth, to the world of forest canyons, caves, karren and mangrove that lies beneath, to the interesting animals that inhabitat these environments. Here are some breathtaking photographs. This place is suitable for all those interested generally in landscapes and landscape photography, to those who would simply like to see why this World Heritage site is fast becoming the most popular natural site in Madagascar, short of visiting it themselves. In Malagasy, the formations are called tsingy, meaning "where one cannot walk barefoot." The terrain resists intrusions from hunters, hungry cattle, and wildfires.

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