Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Metal Man Bends In Ways We Can't

Meet Artform No. 1. It took him six years to grow from a heap of brass and stainless steel into this ooh-la-la-hey-there-gorgeous model you see now and he's damn proud of it. Just look at this cheeky metal man's poses. The Artform No. 1 figurine was built by Mark Ho out of over 500 parts and the 17-inch, 16-pound fellow is fully articulated, which means that he can be posed in any of the shapes the human form can take and then some. Only 25 of these sculptures have been made and, while their prices aren't listed, I can't help but want one to lounge on my desk, giving me those sultry bedroom eyes as I write silly posts.

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Anonymous said...

Where can you buy one?