Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creative Handbags By Kathleen Dustin

These bags are going to blow your mind off. Kathleen Dustin, who is Master of Arts, designs and makes very weird handbags. Kathleen Dustin All bags are made from polymer clay, which is famous for a special strength. Then, individual bags emphasizes painting, applique and thread, using the author's technique. Her collections feature fruit-shaped bags, flower bags, casket bags, brush bags, icon bags and collage bags with Renaissance paintings on them. The originality and beauty creations Kathleen has appreciated in Europe, many of its products are exhibited in the museums of North America's principal museum of Fine Craft, Ornament magazine and the Wenham Museum (Wenham, Massachusetts). But not only the beauty and originality are the hallmarks of creations Dustin, her handbag is a functional, which, in turn, has been able to assess customers.

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