Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The World’s Biggest BBQ Grill

Measuring 16 feet across and weighing a whopping two tonnes, this grill claims the title of world’s largest barbecue. It would probably get the title of all around largest BBQ, if it weren’t for the Big Taste Grill, a giant truck converted into a traveling barbecue. It was designed by 31-year-old Jack Henriques, owner of the Bespoke BBQ Company. It is fitted with hinged pannels that allow easy access to add more logs, and has seven separate coal trays that allow you to cook up to seven whole lambs, at once. You can also use it to grill 1,000 sausages or 500 hamburgers. But, as you would expect, using a cooking monster like this comes at a high cost. You need 14 bags of coal to get this beast started, so you better make sure your frinds pitch in at the next barbecue party. Jack Henriques spent three months and over $15.000 to create it, and says he’s already working on an even more impressive cooking machine.

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