Friday, August 20, 2010

Wackiest Airport Names

An absurd selection of the world’s rudest, weirdest and strangest airport names.

Batman Airport (BAL), Turkey

Useless Loop (USL), Australia

Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania

Ogle Airport (OGL), Guyana

Moron Airport (OZP), Spain

Big Trout Airport (YTL), Canada

Gaylord Airport (GLR), USA

Phi Phi Island Airport (PHZ), Thailand

Asbestos Hill Airport (YAF), Canada

Red Devil Airport (RDR), USA

Monkey Mia (MJK), Australia

Deadhorse Airport (SCC), USA

Fukui Airport (FKJ), Japan

Fak Fak Airport (FKQ), Indonesia

Gorom-Gorom Airport (XGG), Burkina Faso

Wee Waa Airport (WEW), Australia

Flin Flon Airport (YFO), Canada

Mala Mala Airport (AAM), South Africa

Rifle Airport (IRD), USA

Duck Airport (DUF), USA

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