Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mexican Airbrushed Tailgate Mural

Living in NYC, it’s a rare spectacle to see a pickup truck, let alone one with an ornamented tailgate. But down in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California it’s become quite the everyday occurrence, a phenomenon even, known simply as the Mexican Airbrushed Tailgate Mural. It’s a visual celebration of values strategically painted on the business end of the working man’s chariot. Not always beautiful, but undeniably awesome. To qualify as a true mexican tailgate mural, the mural must be airbrushed and include at least one of 6 possible images (often in combination to achieve maximum flare): (1) the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, (2) a rendition of the owners pickup truck relaxing near a palm tree-laden oasis, (3) a mis-proportioned likeness of the truck owner’s childrens’ faces (4) a busty scantily-clad woman, typically posing on her knees (5) any Looney Tunes character, although usually Yosemite Sam, Tas or Tweety (6) Selina. If only all state could be southern border states… one can only dream.

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