Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you are a student of Chemistry, or if you ever chose science as one of your subjects in school, you would know what the Periodic Table of Elements is, and you are probably more familiar with its elements than other Geeks such as Gamers, Comic lovers and Hackers. Basically, it is one of those tables that are held closely to the heart by every geek at some point in his/her life, whether they are inside or outside the lab. While all the jocks and cool kids stay away from the lab as it smells so bad, the geeks always hang around the lab with their beloved periodic tables. Once they are out of school or University, you may assume they would forget their periodic table. Well, you are definitely wrong if you thought so. Here is a collection of Geeky and Weird Periodic Table of Elements remakes inspired and dedicated to the Geeks who studied them. These show that geeks still love their periodic tables and would like to cherish the memory of the lab through these products, designs and art.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table Chocolate Cake

Periodic Table Taxis and Buses

Periodic Table Cupcakes

Periodic Table Soap

Periodic Tables Cakes

Periodic Table Blanket

Periodic Table Sweaters

Periodic Table of Video Game Characters

Periodic Table Jewelery

Periodic Table Screen-Saver,

Periodic Table of Music Groups

Periodic Table Sweaters

Periodic Table Furniture

Periodic Table of Controllers

Periodic Table Keys

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