Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We All Love Simpson

Millions of people throughout the world love Simpson. The designers and artists do not get tired of sketching the dear characters in the uncommon line of business. Represented below is the work made by worshippers of series in different ways.

American beauty by Edwheeler

Clockwork Simpsons by PixieDust01

Wishful Thinking by Merani

The Simpson gothic by chijuku

Homer Simpson as the Joker by Dyslexic Ferret

The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote

Bart Simpson Portrait by TipsyMcBoozerton

Lisa Simpson by jordanmead

Commission Lisa Simpson by Destruccion

Playtoon Marge Simpson by eltonpot

He does ALL the work by uncubitodehielo88

Homer Simpson by Fruksion

Homer Simpson by Soliduskim

Homero Simpson de arena by caothicart

believe in D'oh by mistermoster

Pulp Simpson by spundman

Sideshow Bob by spacecoyote

Oh the family by mariods

Snake and ants Homer by grebenru

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