Friday, March 19, 2010

Sydney's Most Bizarre Car

Adorned with almost 500 stuffed toys, Bruce Mitchelson’s Toyota Corolla has to be the craziest-looking car in Melbourne. Bruce thought a great way to show his support for the Cronulla Sharks rugby team would be to paint his old Corolla in the team’s colors and stick on some plush sharks. This was back in 2008, but the Cronulla Sharks have barely won a game since. But the idea of sticking toys to his car was so good that Bruce couldn’t stop. He kept buying toys at garage sales, and at one point he was adding up to 12 toys a day. Now he’s pretty much run out of space, but he estimates there are 300 stuffed toys on the outside, and around 200 on the inside of his Toyota Corolla. And if you’re thinking the police might have something to say about Bruce’s toy car, you should know the man is totally in the clear. he has been pulled over several times, but as long as the license plate and side-mirrors are visible, he’s ok.

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Automotive Recruitment said...

With cars looking more and more the same on the road through extensive use of wind-tunnel aerodynamic designs, it's refreshing to see something individual gracing our roads!

While I support campaigns to forcibly remove from our roads drivers who cover their dashboards and parcel shelves with fluffy toys so that they can add another danger element to their lack of driving skills by reducing their road vision by 50% or more, fluffy toys on the outside help you to be sen by other drivers, which is hopefully a good thing!