Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Henrik Halvarsson, born 1969, is one of Sweden’s most sought-after fashion, beauty, and portrait photographers. Henrik’s photography is characterized by unconventional beauty and the desire to render what is simultaneously quirky and attractive. His bold imagery is distinguished by his unexpected use of colors and light. This results in photography that the viewer takes in with all senses.
Today, Henrik divides his time equally between commercial and editorial assignments. Among his advertising clients are Diesel, Nokia, Ikea, JC, NK, Indiska, Volvo, and Kia. Editorial assignments include magazines like Bon, Flaunt, Spruce, Café, Amica, Visionaire, Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Italian Elle. Henrik has shot a great number of magnificent and timeless portraits. Among others he has photographed Mikael Persbrandt, Victoria Beckham, Thorsten Flinck, Örjan Ramberg, Peter Wahlbeck, Jocke Berg, and Jonas Åkerlund. He has also collaborated with Åkerlund as a film photographer and filmed iconic videos for The Prodigy and Madonna.

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