Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best Geekiest Tattoos Ever

In our modern world of information superhighways and ever-evolving technology, it’s safe to say power is now in the hands of the geeks. Let’s just take Bill Gates as one example. With a vision so huge, people probably called him crazy back in the day when his huge Microsoft Corporation was still just a wet dream. Bill paved the way for geeks all over the world to take their brain power from dorm room to mainstream. And while not every geek has (yet) made millions and accumulated a supermodel entourage, plenty – maybe too many – smart souls have transformed their love of technology and video games from private passion to public art. If you thought unicorn tattoos and wizard tattoos were geeky, you haven’t seen anything yet. In honor of eccentric Bill Gates wannabes all over the world check out the top geekiest tattoos.

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