Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dude Gets Permanent Eyeglasses Tattoo

I meant to start this post kind of like this: “Of all the idiotic things I’ve seen in my life…” But MatthewG15 has been picked-on enough on his Flickr profile. So while others call him a douche or a retard, I just want to point out that he didn’t actually hurt anyone (but himself). Our boy Matthew probably ran out of spots to tattoo so he decided to cross the line and tattoo his face. Apparently he couldn’t afford a pair of real glasses, so he tattooed one instead. Ok, you’re right, that was mean of me, but I’m thinking a real pair would have been cheaper and more practical. Not to mention these will look like crap when he’s a wrinkly old man. Maybe he’s trying to compete with Zombie Boy…

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Taylor H said...

im so sick of everyone saying how tattoos will look bad when you get old and wrinkly. thats your opinion and mind your own business. of course they will, and so will the rest of your body so it doesnt matter. when your old its not like you are trying to look good anyways lol. id rather have tattoos all over and be wrinkly then be just wrinkly.