Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10 Most Deadly Animals


Jellyfish, to blame for 100 deaths a year, lives in the warm waters of the sea, and their body and tentacles can cause dangerous burns and tissue necrosis, and in extreme cases death consequences of failure of the heart or lungs.


Lion, king of the animals is one of the most strong predators on the planet and the best hunter the animal world, the annual Lions kill about 250 people when they are hungry because they do not choose prey.


Mosquitoes, small boring insect, believe it or not, kill two to three million people each year and because mosquitoes carry dangerous infectious diseases such as malaria and a large number of dangerous tropical viruses for which no conventional medication.


Scorpion, a murderer with eight legs “die” about 5,000 people a year, and kills victims of strong neurotoxins causing swoon, confusion, suffocation and death.


Snake, reptile cold is also a mass killer, and every continent inhabited by a dangerous charmer, the number of victims of poisonous snakes climb to over 100,000 casualties a year, a poisonous bite can cause death in one minute.

African buffalo

African buffalo, one of the most dangerous African animal kills about 500 people a year, is moving in herds, and otherwise not attack people but I feel the slightest danger, will become the target of their sharp horns.


Bee, an annual “killer” 400 people on the one hand maintains balance eco-system pollination of plants through pollen but also attack people without reason. Bees attack in Roy, especially when you approach hives.


Crocodile, predator is not very different man from the animals, and the annual crocodiles kill about 2000 people. Unable to break away from the mouth krokodilovih that compared to five times stronger than bloodthirsty hyenas.


Sea horse or hippopotamus, causing over 200 deaths each year on the African continent, known for its bad temper and a great force that pulls boats and smaller ships, and much faster than men so it is virtually impossible to escape.

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