Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dinosaurs In The Realm Of A TV Show

The 1990's really brought some of the most entertaining family shows that ABC had actually had showcased from Family Matters to The Drew Carey Show. Nevertheless, there is always one that has definitely delivered well. With the success of the Henson family, and Jim Henson Productions, the Muppets had a hugely successful franchise base that still has delivered today, but innovations of the prehistoric past have also brought in very well too. With Dinosaurs, the show became a outrageous and cult classic about Earl Sinclair and his family Robbie, Charlene, Baby, and his wife Fran through the comical prehistoric times. Now, it finally has a home on home video.
Dinosaurs: The Complete First & Second Seasons really became the prime of the ABC series. The DVD compilation includes some of the funniest primetime episodes ever, that still introduce comical and delightful family fun. The episodes that are highlighted here definitely still remain as pure delights like Family Challenge, where Earl & company go on this television game show just to have a chance to play for a television set, and Nuts To War Parts I & II where the dinosaur population goes to war over pistachio nuts and Robbie gets himself into the conflict, and Golden Horn, where Baby Sinclair is declared The Golden Child from a horn coming out on his head, and becomes a popular favorite among the populace that also is the most powerful leader in the realm of Pangia. The episodes here were definitely remastered well, and still deliver within each moment of delight and fun. For those who haven't seen Dinosaurs during its era on ABC, this is a absolute delight for all to watch and enjoy. I loved this show when it was on television years ago, and everytime I get the chance to see these classic shows, they still are just as funny and exciting as they were years ago. I absolutely recommend Dinosaurs: The Complete First & Second Seasons. Gotta Love Them.

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