Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mosaic Artwork

The word mosaic comes from the Greek language, meaning "patient work, worthy of the Muses." However the history of mosaic tiling dates back even farther. The Sumerians used mosaic tiling to tell the story of their culture. A mosaic panel was created, depicting a battle and showing the king riding a chariot. Egyptian mosaics, like the Sumerians, also included representations of royalty---their creation was most likely commissioned by kings. Mosaics were used for decorating walls, floors and supporting pillars. Mosaics were popular with royalty and the upper classes. Greeks originally used pebbles in their mosaics, later moving on to stones and colored glass.Romans used mosaics to decorate their floors, and to display pictures of Gods and Goddesses.
Mosaics took on new themes, depicting scenes from nature and other art nouveau elements. They became a way not only to decorate the interior of the building, but the exterior as well. Here are some colorful mosaic artworks that can live hundreds years.

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