Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why Birds Are Dying

What you might be shocked to know is that unnatural wild bird deaths occur in huge numbers every day. The difference is that they are spread out: a window strike here, a power line zap there,Oil spills, a vehicular collision somewhere else or eating trash,lighters, bottle caps, etc. These hazards occur daily and on every continent.Indeed, wildlife continues to decline world wide, at an alarming rate in many cases.
Anyone who knows anything about wildlife knows that each species occupies an important space in the overall megastructure of ecosystems. If you think of them as lego blocks and the planet as a lego castle, each missing block creates a weakness in the overall structure. The size of a wild animal has nothing to do with its value in maintaining the integrity of the overall health of the planet. In studies where songbirds have been experimentally 'excluded' from a forest, the result was a marked decrease in forest productivity in just three years!
Here is a sad situation, Somebody took a camera and made photos of dead albatrosses and seagulls.As you can see all of them have stomaches full of trash,lighters, bottle caps, etc.So birds eat this trash, then starve to death because they can't eat anything else.
To despair without action is pointless. Each of us can make a difference through our own behavior and lifestyle choices. We can start by leaving small ecological footprints and by creating backyard havens for birds which include educated landscaping and ornithologically accurate nest boxes.

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Elena Kuzmina said...

hi there, nice blog.
but why don't you mention the author of the photos? It's Chris Jordan