Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hottest News Readers Of America

Sometimes it’s tough to watch the news; it’s boring, it’s ugly and it reminds us that we aren’t safe where we live. It also demonstrates to us that bankruptcy is just a paycheck away for many, that the weather’s never what we want it to be, and that traffic is always terrible. Enter the hot newsgirl.

Trish Regan

Not just a pretty face — She used to work for Goldman Sachs in emerging markets and she’s fluent in both Spanish and Italian. Now she spends her time anchoring for CNBC on The Call, while making regular appearances reporting for NBC. As if that’s not enough, she’s a former Miss New Hampshire too.

Mary Calvi

Graduating magna cum laude from Syracuse University, Mary hit the New York news sphere like a hurricane. She’s Emmy-nominated seven times over, and she’s walked away with the trophy three times. She spends her time anchoring the weekends for WCBS-TV in New York

Lily Jang

Graduating from University of Texas at Austin, Lily quickly moved through the ranks, and through the country, as she leapt from stations in Texas and Alabama to Seattle, WA. She now reports for Q13 Fox News Seattle, where she’s met considerable success and local favor in a short period of time. She’s fluent in Cantonese and Vietnamese, and if you hadn’t noticed, she’s pretty adorable, too.

Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley has worked her way through local stations across the country since graduating from the University of South Carolina. She reported extensively for CBS before being picked up by Fox in 2007. She moved quickly, having already established herself as a regular co-host of Hannity’s America, Fox and Friends, and Red Eye, all while maintaining her late-night anchor duties.

Jill Dobson

Former Miss Michigan, Jill Dobson is a Fox News Channel entertainment correspondent who migrated from CBS after college. She’s also part of an ever-growing cadre of beautiful women that seem intent on making Fox live up to its name.

Diane Macedo

This stunningly hot news-writer for Fox News Channel spends her time lurking the shadows of one of the world’s largest news networks. She barely exists on the Internet, save for plentiful by-lines and rare snapshots from her appearances on-air. Try catching her during Fox’s News Whip, whenever that might randomly occur — you won’t be sorry.

Sharon Tay

Sharon moved to the USA from Singapore when she was seven, only to pick up and move to the Philippines and back again before college. She graduated from Boston University and immediately got her window into broadcasting, picking up a gig working for a small cable news show. She’s made appearances in both Independence Day and Eagle Eye… as a reporter.

Kristine Johnson

Nominated for two Emmy awards, Kristine joins Mary Calvi in a pretty elite club at WCBS-TV in New York. Before that, this University of Nebraska grad spent time anchoring for NBC, and even MSNBC occasionally. One thing’s for certain — whatever they’ve got at that station, it seems to attract the right kind of woman.

Veronica De La Cruz

While focusing on family at the moment, Veronica De La Cruz is one of CNN’s most prolific anchorwomen to date, having anchored for or made regular appearances on many programming slots on both CNN and CNN Headline News, as well as CNN Pipeline. She’s a former figure-skater.

Contessa Brewer

With a penchant for mischief and looks to kill, Contessa makes MSNBC not only sexy, but fun. She made headlines a few years ago when she started a feud with Don Imus, and more recently made the hilarious mistake of calling Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton in a live interview.

Daniella Guzmán

Anchoring for NBC affiliate KPRC in Houston, Texas, Daniella Guzmán is no stranger to journalism. Being hot is probably the only thing that just came on its own, naturally.

Robin Meade

Needing no introduction, Robin Meade has a loyal fan-base that probably numbers in the millions (and all male). She spent years anchoring and reporting for stations up and down the east coast, and even managed to work in a stint as Miss Ohio. Now she hosts Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Morgan Fogarty

Queen of local “infotainment,” Morgan co-hosts Charlotte’s late-night news talk-show Fox News Edge. She graduated from Penn State and immediately took to the field, anchoring for NBC in Maryland before making the move to North Carolina. One thing we do know, she’d fit right in with the girls at E!.

Dana Hendrickson

Don’t worry, she may not look it but she’s of age. Dana Hendrickson is one of the media’s most hidden gems. It’s only a matter of time until St. Louis’s NBC affiliate, KSDK, loses this little treasure to the offices in New York or LA. Dana’s currently biding her time hosting a little show called Show Me, St.

Lynn Berry

WNBC 4 in New York is lucky to have Lynn heating up the place, since before signing there she had a gig as a correspondent for The Today Show. Another magna cum laude grad, this one came from Miami University in Ohio. We’re interested to see where she winds up five years from now.

Mélissa Theuriau

In other news, while we may indeed have more journalists than you could ever shake a stick at, we’d be remiss to ignore the fact that the rest of the world has plenty of competition to offer. Take France, for example: Mélissa Theuriau is so blazing hot that she’s become an international sex icon — just for reporting the news.

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