Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nick Scott, A Man Who Didn’t Give Up

Fitness is Nick Scott's life, his passion, it's what he loves to do. You would think after being diagnosed as being a paraplegic due to a car crash and having to rely on a wheelchair would put a damper on things.. but we're talking about THE BEAST! Nick Scott's strong will is beyond words. He's been known to say 'What’s the one thing you gain from losing everything?
What has emerged is a man on a mission. His love for weight lifting made him focus and gave him direction. 'Weight lifting gave me something to strive for, to succeed in, and in doing so benefited me more then I could have ever expected. Over the next few years I focused intensely on strength training and conditioning my body, and in doing so began to regain some of the sensation in my lower back and legs. A strong mind and positive attitude fueled my success becoming the crucial components to reaching my goals. I came to realize that if you set your mind to do something, and you have the courage and patience to pursue it, you can achieve spectacular things. Nick is able to live out his passion for the sport of bodybuilding through the creation of a website made specifically to increase the awareness of wheelchair bodybuilding. He's also designing a second website which will provide online fitness and dietary guidance for a wide variety of clientele and also specialize in those with physical disabilities. If that isn't enough, his book is currently in the editing process. And remember.. this is all being accomplished between attending college, work, daily chores, personal life, weight training and competition preparation.

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