Friday, October 23, 2009

Transparent Lexus

Here's something you don't see while driving down the highway: a transparent Lexus. Created by a collaboration between Lexus and Japanese architect Huzimoto Takeshi, this one-of-a-kind specimen is a Lexus LF-A with a shell of transparent acrylic.
Of course, this thing is almost definitely undrivable. Think of it more as a work of art than a car. But man, how sweet would it be if it did work? Being able to see the road beneath your feet would be scary at first, but I'm sure you'd get used to it. Plus, it looks so amazing.It is full-size transparent sculpture of Lexus' new $375,000 LFA supercar that was constructed by Scu Fujimoto, a noted Japanese architect. The sculpture was first displayed at the Milan Design Week earlier this year and is simply stunning to look at. What's most impressive is that details like the seats, instrument panel, engine, suspension, and transaxle can all be seen.
According to Lexus, the sculpture is constructed from transparent acrylic boards that have been sanded and polished.

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